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          CHINESE   |   ENGLISH
          Cable Ties
          Cable tie tools
          Tie mounts
          Cable Tis Accessories
          Diy Package Cable Ties
          Wall Plugs
          Cable markers
          Spiral wrapping bands
          Screw on wire connectors
          Safety-type wire joints
          Wiring duct(slotted)
          Wiring accessories
          Paper box
          Plastic box
          Double blister
          Where to buy
          About us
          Was founded in 80's. It located in YueQing economic development zone,yueqing , Zhejiang, The company covers over 8,000square meters area, and the building area is more than 12,000 square meters, Which specialized in "HTS" series products, such as Nylon cable ties, cable clips, Cable markers, tie mount, wire connectors, spiral
          wrapping bands, cable glands, terminal blocks and related wiring accessories. It was awarded ISO9001 quality system, certification and measuring equipment licence by advanced arts and crafts
          New Products
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